4 Ways to Heal Cold Sore Scabs

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Cold sores or fever blisters can be very painful. It can be the cause of a lot of embarrassment a it is very hard to cover. The formation of scabs can also make the sores more noticeable and cause the urge to pick at the scab or a strong itching sensation. It is important to understand how to identify what stage the sores are at and how to treat them in order to ensure speedy recovery. To know how long does a cold sore scab last? Here are a few ways to get rid of cold sores:

Watch the scab

Before you decide to pluck at your scab and give into the natural temptation, you must take the effort to understand why scabs even exist in the first place, and what you tell about the sores just by looking at the scab. Firstly, scabs only appear when the sores have almost healed, this is a good sign and nothing to worry about. Their purpose is to protect the healing tissue and speed up the healing process. So if you remove the scabs, you will greatly affect the time taken to heal your skin.

Don’t touch!

Very self-explanatory in nature, the second point to remember is to never touch the healing scabs. Even touching them a little can cause irritation to the cold sores and delay the healing process. You must resist the urge to itch the skin around your scab as touching the scab and then touching another part of your body can spread the virus that is responsible for the formation of cold sores. Unless you are gently touching your scabs to apply medicine or clean them, refrain from making contact.


Petroleum jelly can be a helpful agent in making sure that your sores heal fast. A commonly asked question about cold sores is how long does a cold sore scab last, without appropriate treatment, these scabs can take up to 15 days to heal completely! Using petroleum jelly on your scabs on regular intervals of 3 hours or more will keep the scabs moist. This will prevent breaking or bleeding and keep the healing tissue beneath it intact. Due to this, you will observe that the sores will also heal a lot faster. Docosanol is an over the counter anti-viral drug that is also very effective in healing cold sores. It eases pain and discomfort while providing the necessary moisture to the scab.

Take rest

Rest is the best way to give your body a chance to heal. Majority of the healing is done by your body itself and therefore, giving it the rest it needs will surely make a difference. Take painkillers or apply other numbing agents if the pain is unbearable and give your body some sleep. This way, the body can concentrate more on healing the sores.

Cold sores are a common occurrence and are often nothing to worry about. The most important part about the healing process is patience. Be patient, your scabs will disappear in just a few days! Hope the blog has covered all the points on how long does a cold sore scab last. Stay connected to us for more such sections. Thanks for reading!

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